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Zample in a Blog Post

2005-01-05 / All Blog posts

Erik Dasque, Product Manager for Mono at Ximian (now part of Novell) was the first person to include a Zample in a blog post. Way to go, Erik! May there be many more bloggers using Zamples to display live code in their blogs.

I have had some trouble doing this – when I used SnipSnap it simply wouldn't accept raw HTML. I wrote a SnipSnap plugin to allow raw HTML, but then my SnipSnap installation b0rked and I gave up on it. WordPress really mangles the HTML for a Zamples button; here is my best effort (can't get the 'Try It!' button to remain vertically centered.)

public class Test {
    public static void Main() {
        System.Console.WriteLine("I love Zamples!");

If you would like to include a live code example in your blog, first create it using the Zamplizer (easiest if you click on one of the selections under the Create Sample left-hand menu on the Zamples Solutions page – that will set up the Zamplizer with a short working program in the language you want, which you can then modify.)

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