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2nd Annual Silicon Valley Ruby Conference

2007-04-25 / All Blog posts

Whew, it is a wrap! The Second Annual Silicon Valley Ruby Conference is done, and I'm just about finished doing post-production on the videos of the talks. I'll hand a DVD to SDForum to make arrangements for attendees of the event to view the videos.

Slides for most of the presentations are available at slideshare.net.

2007 seems to be shaping up as the Year of the Ruby/RoR IDE. Later this year commercial-quality IDEs from Sun and CodeGear will join Aptana's RadRails IDE. All three of these software publishers presented at this year's event.

I ran a quick survey by a show of hands, and asked 24 questions. Here are a few results:

Which of you use RoR to make web sites but don't care about Ruby? 25%
Which of you use Dreamweaver, Illustrator or Photoshop? 17%
Which of you use a Mac? 45%
Which of you use Linux? 35%
Which of you use Windows? 50%

It's been fun leading the organization of these first two years of this event, but this year is my last.

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