Pigs Can Fly

2011-09-30 / All Blog posts

Details matter. If all you read are headlines and subtitles then it is likely that you are horribly misinformed. Let’s imagine that the text of an article titled “Pigs Can Fly” was something like this:

“Outfitted with 3D goggles and haptic feedback mechanisms customized for a pig’s extremities, porcine subjects showed that they quickly adapted to visual stimulus that suggested to them that their movements caused them to fly. With training, pigs demonstrated that they could control the flight of simulated cargo planes, stunt triplanes, jet fighters and paper planes.”

Details matter a lot when you are working with technologists. If you are easily put off by even the slightest techno-speak, then you have no business managing technologists. Specialized vocabulary summarizes complex thoughts succinctly; learn it, don’t ask for the baby-talk version.

This is true for reading and writing. If the best that a manager can grunt via a keyboard is “you know what I mean” then it is probable that the recipient of the email has at best only a vague idea of what the lazy, inarticulate writer meant. In truth, the writer has probably not thought through their ideas properly and they are not clear what they meant either.

Pick your information sources and sinks with discretion, and strive to communicate in complete thoughts.

BTW, here is some related science.

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