I Do Not Fit In A Box, and I Am Available

2017-07-25 / All Blog posts

I have not followed the typical corporate career path, so I don't fit in a box. My experience and training as a software pioneer, expert witness and blue-water sailor means that I have a long track record of successfully planning and executing novel adventures. I am someone who can rapidly assess a situation, perform triage, work independently or in a leadership capacity as required.

Although I am a strong programmer with current skills, I am vitally interested in business organization, strategy and customers. I can bring to bear whatever is necessary to achieve an objective with integrity and grace. I am at my best when continually presented with a wide variety of tasks and a mandate to achieve results.

If your organization needs someone with a fresh perspective who can make a difference, please contact me. After living in Silicon Valley for 20+ years, I am willing to relocate to anywhere with a Mediterranean climate such as the North American west coast.

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