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web3j-scala Ethereum Library

2017-11-29 / All Blog posts

I am looking forward to presenting "Polyglot Ethereum" at 10:30am Jan 16 at the World Crypto Economic Forum in San Francisco.

This video shows web3j-scala, an idiomatic Scala wrapper I wrote around web3j, which is a Java 8 version of web3.js. These 3 libraries all leverage the json-rpc protocol that all Ethereum clients support. web3j is a lightweight, reactive, somewhat type-safe library for Java and Android that integrates with nodes on Ethereum blockchains. web3j-scala provides type safety and enhanced scalability over its Java and JavaScript cousins, as well as the pleasure of writing solutions in Scala.


Much of the material for this presentation was taken from the web3j-scala GitHub page.

Proofs of Concept / Corporate Sponsors Wanted

The only way to provide value is to serve customers. I am actively seeking opportunities to develop blockchain-related prototypes and proofs of concept. Please let me know if your or your organization are interested in sponsoring opportunities for the open-source libraries I am working on.

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